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My company 2013 annual summary of the general recognition of the general assembly

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January 22nd morning, the annual Henan lotus medical supplies Co., Ltd. concluded in recognition of the General Assembly held in the grand meeting room of the company. Company chairman, vice chairman, general manager, deputy general manager and other company leaders attended the conference and took a seat at the table.

The year 2013, under the correct leadership of the chairman, in the social friends from all walks of life care, help and support, staff enterprising, hard work, the business of the company in the fierce market competition Zhongping steady upside. Throughout the year, the emergence of a group for the development of enterprises, to the selfless dedication of advanced workers. The general assembly in recognition of 36 advanced workers, representatives of the advanced workers expressed their voices, about their own work experience. Subsequently, Ma Jianhua, general manager of the company's 2014 annual report, that is, the implementation of sales promotion, expand the scale of efficiency, pay close attention to management, promote the management level, the company called on all employees to work as an example, to achieve the company's goals in 2014 and strive hard.

Summary commendation conference filled with a positive, harmonious and boosting of the atmosphere, it will encourage all my colleagues in the company down to earth, create brilliant.

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