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This time last year, "an exhibitioncongested a city,"which made the health care professional exhibition that had not quite known to the public in the field very fame, so the show heat is very evident. This year the exhibition people unabated enthusiasm. Why a medical exhibition so hot? Lotus Medical knows that the most heard phrase is: here is already the world's largest medical fair, you will out of touch,if do not come .
Now take you into the CMEF Medical exhibition, and take a look at the Lotus Medical booth.


In order to let the people use the more on high-end grade, easy care and safe infusion device, Lotus Medical drove eight hundred kilometers to attend the CMEF.



Hall 7, Lotus Medical is here ,take you to see the lotus medical style ~



our products attracted the attention of international friends, but i can only look on in despair beside, I regretted study English children harder, or I will ask the foreigners : "May I help you?"



All in all, not only did not learn English well, when there are two beautiful girls come to understand the product, I really want to give them a good talk about the products, but also I can only listen to the newly recruited colleagues to speak next babes our medical products of the Lotus ~



Several focus on the disposable sophisticated filters infusion ~
This is our star product, with sophisticated filters, liquid through strong, automatic stop solution, three functions, ensure the transfusion safety!



The customers made a Detailed understanding of the lotus medical products, and raised various questions which have been answered by our staff all-around-

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