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Chinese aid Papua New Drugs and medical devices at the handover ceremony

Number of visits: Date:2009-08-24

On August 24, Qiu Bohua ambassador and Papua New Guinea, the Ministry of health Deputy Secretary long Clara Dr.Dakulala signed "in Papua New Guinea, medicines and medical equipment handover certificate". Commercial Office of the Embassy Liu Xuelai counsellor, Port Moresby General Hospital, acting president of the Dr.Mokela, Papua New Guinea medical team captain temperature Jianhu and so on attendance. Local major television stations, newspaper reporters arrived at the scene reported.

Ambassador Chou Bohua and Lara DACU Secretary respectively speech. Ambassador Qiu said that in Papua New Guinea and China as a developing country, the Chinese government attach importance to development and Papua New Guinea's bilateral friendly relations and attention to local people's livelihood, aid and carried out a number of projects, help the development of local society and economy, the hope that the joint efforts of both sides, deepen friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation in bilateral economic and trade, investment and other areas of equality and benefit the two peoples. Said, the Chinese government donated medicines and medical equipment is very timely, will assist in Port Moresby General Hospital to the local people to provide better medical service. Despite the current domestic Chinese flood disaster and many other issues, but the government still as in the past to China help Papua New guinea. Up to on behalf of the government of Papua New Guinea thanked the Chinese government for many years to help the local social and economic development and provide assistance to health, a number of areas including, donated medicines, reconstruction of infrastructure, sending medical teams in local work, hoped that both sides will continue to strengthen the friendly cooperation in various fields.

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