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The aging phenomenon of the medical industry opportunities again and again

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Aging has become a global phenomenon. In particular, "developed countries of China's aging fast than many aging much more rapidly." National human resources and Social Security Department of the Ministry of health, the State Food and drug administration, the national food and drug administration, the national food and drug administration, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, said, "now, our country's total population of 60 and 60 years old and older than 12.5%. It is expected that by 2015, this proportion will be raised to 15%. As the peak of aging in our country is approaching, the sustainable development of medical insurance and medical insurance is facing more and more severe challenges ".

The old industry have a brilliant future

Reduce the family algebra, means that the elderly living alone of the family called "empty nesters" increased. According to the survey, in 1998, 65 years old and 65 years old in our country, only a pair of elderly living (11%) and single elderly households (10.44%) two total 21.44%. This part of the old man is often difficult to get family care. The change of family structure calls for the establishment of old industry.

There is no doubt that the physiological function of the elderly is declining, which means they are more likely to develop the disease than other people. In the consumption of drugs and medical devices, the elderly demand more than other people. Sullivan & Frost, a famous American consulting company, shows that Americans born after the two world war are now in the old age, they have greatly promoted the development of the U.S. medical device market. Since 2006, the annual growth rate of the U.S. medical device market has remained at around 9%. This is in the body under the influence of the financial crisis USA, can be described as "A new force suddenly rises.".

Optimistic about the Asian medical market

Although the United States of America's elderly medical device market prospects are very bright, but the United States of America's industry experts more optimistic about the Asian elderly medical devices market. Because, as compared to the United States, Asia has a large population, and many Asian countries have entered the aging society.

According to reports, the total economy ranks second in the world, Japan, its elderly population has accounted for more than 18% of the total population of the country. With the further decline in fertility in Japan, the proportion of the elderly population in Japan will continue to rise, which makes the Japanese government carried a heavy burden. Japan's older people's demand for drugs and medical devices increased, prompting the Japanese pharmaceutical and medical devices market size from 1994's 240 trillion yen rose sharply to 1142 trillion yen in 2008.

Singapore is a developed country and an aging country in Asia. According to statistics, in Singapore, the elderly accounted for about about 5000000 of the population of 20%. And in 1998, the country accounted for only 10% of the total population of the country. In a short span of 10 years, the proportion of the elderly in Singapore has increased by 1 times. Now the hospital beds in Singapore General tension. In recent years, the Singapore market and the elderly disease related drugs and medical equipment sales increased by 15% and 18% per year respectively.

Malaysia's population composition has not yet entered the aging, but Malaysia in the past few years to develop the tourism economy". Now, the country has become the largest in Southeast Asia, "the treatment of leisure paradise", which has a considerable proportion of foreign consumers is the elderly. The annual tourism health economy has brought billions of dollars in revenue for Malaysia. At the same time, the development of tourism in the economy has also contributed to the country's pharmaceutical and medical device products, a large number of imports.

Medical equipment for the elderly

Frost & Sullivan, an economic analyst in the recently released report pointed out: in the next few years, the United States of America's medical needs will greatly promote the development of the U.S. medical device market. So, what kind of medical equipment for the elderly? The report points out, medical needs of the elderly in clinical treatment and daily health care in nursing are mainly summed up: 1 cardiovascular implantable devices (such as drug eluting stents, pacemakers, defibrillators and atrial fibrillation); 2 implantable orthopedic devices (such as artificial joint, spine correction device etc); 3 urinary system diseases (special equipment such as catheter, bladder intubation, check with endoscope); 4 Department of ophthalmology examination instruments (such as fracture mirror) and Department of ophthalmology operation equipment; 5 kinds of electronic hearing aid products; 6 personal care products (such as massage instrument, hyperthermia instrument, spectrum analyzer, foot bath etc.); 7 personal electronic monitoring instruments (such as electronic blood pressure meter, blood glucose meter etc.); 8 other classes (such as a wheelchair, elderly home treadmill, home infusion and lifting beds and other household care products).

Under the trend of global aging, some new medical device products or raw materials will also get the development of ultra conventional speed:

Medical electrode

The report by the Karolama consulting company says sales of medical class products in the next 10 years will grow rapidly due to the continued growth of the elderly health care service.

The so-called "medical electrode" system for measuring muscle and nerve cell current signal of the special electrode. It is mainly measured by the electrochemical reaction of weak current, and then into the visual signal. Medical electrode can be widely used for blood / gas analyzer, ECG, EEG, electronic instruments, nose and throat examination instrument, pacemakers, and atrial defibrillators, fetal tester and other diagnostic instruments. In 2008, the global medical electrode sales were $245000000. Among them, the Asia Pacific region and the United States of medical electrode sales accounted for about 65% of the total, the European medical electrode sales of $10.5%, its market annual growth rate of 42000000; the world's other countries and regions, the share of medical electrode sales.

Medical plastics

Medical plastic product breed slue, many products and geriatric diseases are closely related, such as disposable syringe / infusion apparatus, medical apparatus and instruments of the plastic shell and the fuselage, plastic orthopedic instruments, household electronic diagnostic instrument, such as. Due to the large amount of medical service in the elderly population, the consumption of medical plastic products in the United States in the past 5 years has maintained an average annual growth rate of 2.6%. 2008, the United States medical plastics sales of $6550000000. Frost & Sullivan consulting company, the United States and Europe, the United States and Europe, the high performance plastic artificial joints, disposable plastic products (such as syringes / infusion), a variety of portable plastic device products, etc., will become the main driving force for the growth of medical plastics market.

Implantable device

Because of the past 20 years various implantable devices (such as vascular stents and electric pulse signal generator, etc.) invented and popularized, coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia and other common diseases in the elderly can be effectively treated. In the implantable medical device, the annual sales of the drug eluting stent is the fastest growing. At present, the global implantable vascular stents in annual sales of about $2500000000. San Francisco Nalbone consulting company forecast: in the next 2~3 years, the global implantable vascular stent annual sales will reach 3000000000 ~35 billion. At present, about 35000000 of the elderly people in the United States need to implant stent. The two generation, third generation of implantable vascular stent will become the development prospect of USA medical equipment market with products.

Older people have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease). Only a small size of the small size of the new implantable electric pulse signal generator is listed on the new products, the use of new products, including the control of Parkinson's disease in the head / hand shaking and treatment of elderly women with common urinary incontinence, etc.. The sales of electrical pulse signal generator in 2009 increased by 40% in 2008.

Implantable electrocardiogram (ECG) is also a new product in the United States market. It can monitor the patient's heart rate at any time, so that the doctor can sit in the office to understand the patient's heartbeat. Another new use of the implantable device is to monitor the patient's seizures. It is predicted that the future market growth rate of implantable ECG will reach 20% or more.

Implantable defibrillators in global sales of $2.2 billion, in the next five years is expected to more than $135 billion ($2 million to 2.5 million as the price of international market on each implantable defibrillators).

In addition, cardiac pacemaker is a huge market for the international market, an increase in the number of implantable devices. At present, the international market for cardiac pacemaker in the annual sales of 5000000000 ~60 billion, the next 5 years is expected to reach $8000000000.

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