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  • Name: Disposable automatic stop infusion set(A1)

Disposable automatic stop infusion set

Registration No.: CFDA (Approved) 20143662047 (Updated)

Model、Specs:A1, A2 (with transfusion needle 0.45, 0.5, 0.55, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8), B1, B2

Product introduction:

  1. The domestic first manufacturer of infusion set with the function of automatic stop and exhaust with the approval of the CFDA.

  2. Automatic exhaust when the first infusion bottle is used, and the liquid stops at the liquid stop membrane when the liquid drips off so as to avoid blood return caused by delaying change of infusion bottles.

  3. The efficient filtering membrane can effectively intercept various insoluble particles bigger than microcirculatory vessel diameter and prevent phlebitis, thrombosis, granuloma and infusion reaction caused by particles.

  4. Emergency drug can be added in the transfusion process due to A1 and B1 with tee joint and latex cap.

  5. Intake type and non-intake type are available.

  6. B1 and B2 without intravenous infusion needle are compatible with other devices, avoiding waste.

Instructions for automatic stop infusion set

  1. Check the package for completeness, and prohibit the use of the products with damaged package, loose protective casing and foreign matters.

  2. Tear off the single package and take out the product.

  3. Turn off the flow regulator.

  4. Hang the infusion bottle upside down, take down the puncture casing and insert it into the infusion bottle.

  5. Squeeze the drip bucket until the liquid is at the 2/3 level of the drip bucket, turn on the flow regulator, and the infusion catheter is filled with the liquid, thereby realizing automatic exhaust and effectively reducing the working stress and strength of nurses. Turn off the flow regulator.

  6. Skin disinfection, puncture and fastening by using normal methods, unfasten the tourniquet, and adjust the flow rate of liquid.

  7. Normal change of infusion bottles: The liquid stops at the liquid stop membrane in the lower part of the drip bucket so as to avoid blood return. After changing the infusion bottle, squeeze the drip bucket until the liquid is at the 2/3 level of the drip bucket.

  8. Pull out the syringe needle after the infusion is finished, and press for 5 minutes to stop bleeding.


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