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  • Name: Disposable sterile syringe with needle (5ml)

Disposable sterile syringe with needle

Registration No.: CFDA (Approved) 2014 3151748 (Updated)

Model、Specs:1ml、2.5 ml、5 ml、10 ml、20 ml、30 ml、50 ml (With injection needle 0.45mm、0.5 mm、0.6 mm、0.7 mm、0.8 mm、0.9 mm、1.2 mm)

Product introduction:

1. Medical polymer material, transparent casing, easy to observe the liquid level and bubble

2. 6:100 cone joint designed according to the international standard is compatible with any product with 6:100 cone joint

3. Good leakproofness, non-leakage

4. Sterile, non-pyrogenic

5. Good adhesion of ink, clear scale mark, non-falling

6. Steady push and good sliding performance due to good match of the casing and rubber piston

7. The unique locked slippage prevention structure can prevent the core bar from slipping off the casing

8. The needle can be produced according to customer requirements.


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