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  • Name: Disposable infusion set with precise filter and needle (PFA1)

Disposable infusion set with precise filter and needle

Registration No.: CFDA (Approved) 2013 3661501 (Updated)

Model、Specs:PFA1-2.0, PFA1-3.0, PFA1-5.0, PFA2-2.0, PFA2-3.0, PFA2-5.0 (with transfusion needle: 0.45, 0.5, 0.55, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8), PFB1-2.0, PFB1-3.0, PFB1-5.0, PFB2-2.0, PFB2-3.0, PFB2-5.0

New standards for safety transfusion

As early as the 1930s, people realized that the patients had various infusion reactions in transfusion process. Afterwards, it was proved by the research results that the clinical reactions are caused by harmful particles during transfusion. The particles enter pharmaceutical liquid in various ways in the process of production or operation. The particles are small harmful impurities with diameter of 2-50μm invisible to the naked eye and unavailable for internal metabolism. Microorganism is also a kind of pathogenic particle. In the 1950s, many scholars reported the harm of particles in transfusion process. In the 1970s, the clinical harm caused by particles was generally accepted by the pharmaceutical industry in the advanced countries. These harms include anaphylaxis, clogged microcirculation, vascular thrombosis, phlebitis, arteriosclerosis, pulmonary embolism, granuloma, pyrogenic reaction, etc. The filter media pore size of the domestic infusion set was generally 15μm in the past, and the infusion set can hardly intercept the particles with diameter less than 15μm. However, the particles with diameter more than 10μm in the pharmaceutical liquid only account for about 1%, and the particles with diameter less than 10μm account for about 98%, so the untoward reaction of fluid transfusion and long-term influence are unavoidable. To meet clinical requirement, avoid or reduce the harm caused by particles to patients, the infusion set with precise filter is launched by our company.  

To meet different clinical requirements, the filtering membranes with many filter pore sizes including 5.0μm, 3.0μm and 2.0μm are designed.


Target Users: Child patients, elderly patients, cancer patients, patients with cardiovascular disease, critical patients and patients in need of long-term transfusion

Medicine Applicable: Traditional Chinese medicine, antibiotics, nutrient solution, potassium chloride, fructose, chemotherapeutic drug

Product Features

1. The infusion catheter is made from high-quality and high-elastic materials and can meet the requirements for transfusion even in winter due to soft materials and difficulty in bending.

2. The filtering membrane of the precision filter is made from high-quality materials and features fast flow rate, no clogging and no adsorption of drugs. Meanwhile, it has automatic stop function, avoiding blood return.

3. The precision filter has the function of automatic exhaust and can automatically exhaust air in the catheter at the upper end of the precision filter when starting to use the second infusion bottle.


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