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  • Name: Disposable double puncture infusion set(A1)

Disposable double puncture infusion set

Registration Number: CFDA (Approved) 2014 3661607 (updated)

Model、Specs:A1, A2 (with transfusion needle: 0.45, 0.5, 0.55, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8), B1, B2

Product introduction:

1. Two infusion bottles can be hung at the same time due to double punctures, and two regulators are used for control respectively and facilitate clinical operation.

2. The product is made from medical polymer materials through ethylene oxide sterilization.

3. Sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, no hemolytic reaction

4. The catheter made from elastic PVC can prevent twisting

5. The liquid filter realizes over 95% filtration rate of particles above 15μm, and the air filter boasts over 99% filtration rate of particles above 0.5μm, effectively preventing germ and dust from entering the infusion set.

6. 6:100 cone joint made according to the international standard can be used together with any injection needle or transfusion needle due to screw design, accurate size and lightness.

7. The internal surface of the infusion set is sterile due to the protective casing of the infusion set easy to dismantle.

8. Emergency drug can be added in the transfusion process due to A1 and B1 with tee joint and latex cap.

9. Various drip buckets including injection molding drip buckets, blow molding drip bucket, lengthened and high-elastic blow molding drip buckets can completely meet the personalized needs of customers.

10. Intake type and non-intake type are available.

11. B1 and B2 without intravenous infusion needle are compatible with other devices, avoiding waste.


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